According to the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance 2018, the authority saddled with the responsibility by Sections 11(c) and 51(c) of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC) to regulate financial activities of corporate business entities, all Public Limited Companies are mandated to publish the following reports on their website:

  • a. Corporate governance evaluation – Part A, Principle 16, Section 11(8)
  • b. Annual report – Part A, Principle 15, Section 10(2)
  • c. Notice of general meetings – Part C, Principle 21, Section 16(4)
  • d. Stakeholder engagement plan and policy – Part C, Principle 22, Section 17(1)
  • e. Establishment of investor’s portal (Page) – Part F, Principle 27, Section 22(4)
  • f. Corporate governance page – Part F, Principle 28, Section 23(2)
    • i. Composition of Board of Directors
    • ii. Names and classification of the Chairman, the MD/CEO, EDs and NEDs as well as INEDs
  • g. Grievance policy – Part F, Principle 28, Section 23 (9)

The processes and procedures of doing business in our Company and with our Company comply with global best practices.