Okomu cannot exist without constant interaction with the environment. It is a key pillar of its business to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem and the protection of the biodiversity. Okomu knows the value, importance, and necessity of sustainably managing its operations so that the present needs of society are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and enjoy the same resources we have today. Okomu is committed to minimizing its environmental impact through:

  • Implementing and maintaining an environmental management system.
  • Prevention of land, air, and water pollution through chemical use reduction, resource conservation, waste reduction, recycling and reuse and proper waste disposal in every area of activity.
  • Prevent soil erosion and degradation through adoption of best practices in agricultural management.

This commitment is not only reflected in its compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the RSPO certification, but also in Okomu’s daily activities and compliance with extant environmental laws and regulations. The details of its commitments to, and actions for, environmental protection are available on the environmental policy.