Local development

Okomu and neighboring communities – A partnership that works

Okomu’s partnership with its neighboring communities strives to enhance their level of affluence and livelihoods through project development, bursaries, employment, award of contracts to contractors from communities, skills acquisition programs and empowerment (smallholdership).

Okomu has always preferred a partnership based on mutual respect and transparency that enables long-term development of the whole region. This collaboration, which has been forged and maintained for over a decade, has shown that the synergy created is beneficial to all parties concerned. So, to ensure its ongoing success, Okomu has developed a stakeholder engagement plan, which helps to identify the various stakeholders and their role with the Company, thereby helping to create a commitment strategy and communication channel between the Company and our its stakeholders.

Our nationally renowned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program aims to partner with communities in the development of their respective communities, and the region, by setting up key initiatives that have been agreed upon with the communities, such as the following:

  • Improving access to commerce through skills acquisition programs and the construction of market stalls,
  • Construction/renovation of health centres,
  • Building of blocks of classrooms,
  • Drilling of boreholes,
  • Provision of electricity transformers,
  • Sand filling and grading of community roads: to facilitate the movement of people and goods,
  • Local recruitment: Priority is given to applicants from the communities during the recruitment process, should the applicant have the necessary qualifications and/or experience required for the position,
  • Training opportunities for youngsters through apprenticeships,
  • Capacity building for employees and smallholders’ partners through training and development programs.