Grievance mechanism

Okomu is committed to providing a positive and supportive environment for all employees, visitors, contractors, third parties and stakeholders, hence the introduction of a grievance mechanism. This mechanism is designed to address any grievance that may arise within the workplace, and communities/stakeholders through its operations.

This is an initial step to resolve issues in a transparent, impartial, confidential, and efficient way as the access to resolution-based processes is done quickly and at grassroot level.


The grievance management procedure manages all grievances and resolutions received. Any stakeholder or employee can raise a grievance(s) without fear of reprisals, costs, or retribution and is assured that all matters will be treated timely, fairly and with absolute confidentiality.

Grievances or complaints are made by mail to or by obtaining a grievance form from the departmental secretary concerned.

All grievances will be responded to within 15 days, either with a resolution, or an update on the progress if a resolution has not been found. Grievances should be resolved within 30 days or brought to the attention of the Managing Director (MD).


All stakeholders and workers of Okomu are informed about the grievance mechanism through the regular toolbox talks, notice boards, monthly bulletins (Okomu Parrot) and website (See link to the grievance mechanism).