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The Okomu Oil Palm Company

Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is a successful company established, initially in 1976 in Edo State, by the Federal Government of Nigeria before becoming a PLC in 1990. The Company manages its plantation in a transparent and sustainable manner which ensures the ongoing performance of its activities and operations.

Okomu’s ambition is to develop responsible tropical agriculture.

Through its activities, the Company implements key initiatives that ensure long-term economic performance, social welfare, health, security, and natural resource management, resulting in a positive impact on all.

Our key figures

(as at 31.12.2022)

19 061 ha planted area of oil palm

54 091 T of palm oil

7 335 ha planted area of rubber

8 124 T of dry rubber

5 976 direct and indirect employees

What Makes Okomu Different?

Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is not just another Company, but rather it is an epitome of excellence not only with its products but also in managing its resources through the following:

A strong agricultural background

At Okomu, we are committed to the social and economic development of our local environment through the creation of employment, the provision of social amenities, and the empowerment of youth and women through various skills acquisitions.

Happy & productive people

We are passionate about positively impacting the livelihoods of our workers and other stakeholders by thriving to improve their living conditions and to protect the rights of our neighboring communities.

An environmentally friendly attitude

We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices at all stages of our production through the use of up-to-date conservation, protection, and rehabilitation measures.


Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is located in Nigeria and has 3 concessions that are registered with the EdoGIS.

Okomu is listed at the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE)