To be Nigeria’s leading agro-business, through the efficient and effective management of our various plantations by a highly motivated workforce, working in harmony with our stakeholders, and continuously returning favorable results to our stakeholders.

What makes Okomu different?

Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is not just another Company, but rather the epitome of excellence: both its products and its resource management are outstanding:

We have a strong agricultural background: We are committed to the social and economic development of our local environment through employment creation, regular training programs for our workers and smallholders, as well as empowerment of youth and women through various skills acquisitions.

Happy & productive people: We want our activities to have a positive impact on our employees and stakeholders. We wish to enhance their rural livelihoods by strengthening and protecting employee and community rights.

We are environmentally friendly: We are committed to implementing environmentally sustainable business practices at all production stages and thus strive for conservation, protection, and rehabilitation.