Gov Obaseki inaugurates Edo state forestry commission

Article from TVC News, June 13, 2023

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has inaugurated the State’s Forestry Commission, urging members to support the government’s efforts to conserve, manage, and develop the state’s forest resources.

At the event held at the Okomu National Park in the Ovia South-West Local Government Area, Governor Obaseki unveiled the 10-year Edo State Forest Restoration and Plantation Strategy and the Edo State Forestry Commission logo.

The State Governor expressed distress about the destruction and declination of forests and forest reserves within the State, asserting that the Commission was established to revive the lost forests and shield the remaining forests and wildlife from poachers, illegal loggers, and other lawbreakers.

He stated that in order to progress, develop, and diversify our economy, we must return to the practices that made us great before.

In his words: “The forestry sector is attracting a lot of investors both locally and internationally, and development partners have been quite kind to us by opening their doors and we are working with them, especially in the areas of plantation establishment.” He added, “We are revoking all existing lot compartments and reissuing new licenses based on our new strategy and with this inauguration, all forestry activities in Edo henceforth are now domiciled with the Edo Forestry Commission.

“We will intensify actions at conserving our forests. We will get the Air Force involved, the Marine for land and Aerial Forces to smoke out all those people who are not supposed to be in our forest.”

The Inauguration and Launch of the Reforestation Strategy was timely and appropriate, according to the Conservator General of the National Park Service, Ibrahim Goni, who was represented by the Assistant Conservator General, Dr. Mohammed Kabir.

He highlighted the importance of Okomu National Forest, emphasizing that it is one of Nigeria’s most cherished national parks. Not only does it play a crucial role in sustaining the environment, but it also provides forest resources and habitat for wildlife.

“This initiative will bring about a positive change and provide the necessary impetus for protecting the forest and the diverse plants and animals that depend on them.” He said.

The Chairperson of the Commission, Mr. Edward Obiaw, proclaimed that the Commission would help to ensure the efficient use, maintenance, security, and exploitation of the state’s forests, wildlife, and ecosystem.

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