Doing business with Okomu is easy if you are willing and capable of complying with our basic policies that brings dignity to work and enhances/protect our integrity.

One of such is the HIV/AIDS policy.

    Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc (OOPC) recognizes that HIV/AIDS endangers our operations by threatening the wellbeing of our employees, and that of our service providers. Thus, the Company is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and firmly recognizes that HIV is not transmitted by casual contact and employees with HIV may live full and active lives for a number of years. This policy is in compliance with HIV and AIDS (anti-discrimination) Act, 2014 and with the ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work.
  2. SCOPE
    The policy applies to employees, service providers, contractors and third-party workers of OOPC. This policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment or contractor's services.
    HIV/AIDS: Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus.
    ILO: International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency dealing with labour issues, particularly international labour standards, social protection, and work opportunities for all.
    OOPC commitment to HIV/AIDS affected person(s) is as follows:
    • OOPC will not carry out direct or indirect pre-employment screening for HIV/AIDS as a pre-requisite for employment or general workplace physical examinations, except in specified circumstances, such as the medical checkup for chemical exposure.
    • Workers living with HIV/AIDS will be respected in accordance with their fundamental human rights and dignity. They will not be discriminated because of their HIV/AIDS status; therefore they will enjoy all applicable rights and privileges at work, through education and counseling. OOPC aims to prevent stigmatization of those infected, and will not condone any form of discrimination. Disciplinary action will be taken against any member of staff who is found to have deliberately discriminated or disclosed the HIV/AIDS status of an employee to a third party.
    • HIV infection, in itself, does not constitute lack of fitness to work, so an employee cannot and will not be dismissed simply because he/she is HIV-positive. Employees who become HIV+ will continue to be employed until they become medically unfit to work.
    • All medical records will be kept confidential. It is up to the employee to release information concerning his/her HIV status if he/she chooses to. An employee who contracts HIV will have no obligation to inform the Company but will be encouraged to seek guidance from medical and counseling providers. Where an employee with HIV has revealed his or her status to management, OOPC will keep the identity of such person confidential.
    • OOPC will treat employees who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS with empathy and care. OOPC will provide all reasonable assistance which may include counseling, time off and sick leave.
    • This policy, and related information on HIV and AIDS, will be communicated to all OOPC employees using the full range of communication methods available to OOPC for every worker to understand.
    • The Clinic Doctor is the HIV/AIDS contact person and shall manage, monitor and oversee this policy and implementation of HIV/AIDS annual awareness program. OOPC will endeavor to educate all employees about HIV/AIDS prevention, transmission and treatment.