Conservation in Okomu

Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc (OOPC) recognizes the importance of biodiversity conservation and strictly adheres to all relevant laws and standards to protect, conserve and regenerate the environment by adopting best practices. The basic conservation principle of OOPC position sees it as one of the important issues in the operation of the Company and stipulates that all employees shall act in harmony with as well as enhancing and protecting the biodiversity found within the Company which will invariably help contribute to the development of a sustainable society now and in the future in all areas of our business operations. In pursuant of this goal, we invest in and promote conservation initiatives as part of our environmental strategy to help protect the world's natural, particularly rainforests, fresh water, and other living species (see photos of our biodiversity below).

Furthermore, buffer zones are preserved around rivers and wildlife corridors. We strive to conserve biodiversity within our vicinity by conserving natural trees, flora and fauna species in buffer zones and steep areas unsuitable for oil palm planting.

A team of patrol guards monitor the conservation areas aimed eliminating the rate of hunting, poaching and Illegal logging. In addition to these patrols, ecological surveys of all kinds (primate, butterfly, entomological, bird, etc.) are undertaken. Within the 11 417 hectares of the new plantation known as Extension two, more than 1 000 hectares of forest are planned to be set aside and preserved for conservation with the objective to protect biodiversity.

In line with our conservation principle, we have supported Okomu National Park and constantly engaging with the park authorities through public-private partnership approach geared towards sustainable management and conservation of wild flora and fauna in the park.