Community Relations

Our communities are integral and significant part of our stakeholder and do have a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relations with us.

The objective of our community relations is not just to sustain but also to improve this very significant relationship; in this wise, we have established a grievance policy to facilitate the resolution of any grievance if and when they arise. The community indigenes have been tutored on the procedures and significance of this grievance policy.

It is instructive to state that we have had excellent relationship with all our communities as exemplified by the photograph contained in this section.

All operations with environmental and social impacts have the potential to create grievances.

To this end, Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc has established a Grievance Mechanism Policy as a guide/instrument for the management of Okomu to handle grievances from internal or external stakeholders, including individuals, government and non-governmental organizations concerning its business conduct. Okomu recognizes that feedback and input from stakeholders is valuable because it helps to enhance transparency in our business. In this respect, the Grievance Policy is tilted towards an open, honest and inclusive dialogues with stakeholders.

Grievances can be submitted through the Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Communication Officer or the following channels:

  1. By mail:         
  2. By telephone:       08068774161
  3. In writing to:         Okomu-Udo Ovia South West LGA. P.M.B 1449, Benin City, Edo State Nigeria Attention:                                         HSE Department (Grievance section)

Grievances should include provision of the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Name of Organization (if any)
  • Address
  • Phone No./Email Address (at least one contact point)
  • Description of the grievance in detail
  • Evidences to support the grievance
View and download the free grievance receipt - record form

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