All drivers/operators must always take note of the following:

  1. The maximum speed limit on all of Okomu’s plantation roads and those connecting Okomu to Extension 1 is 40km/h for vehicles and 30km/h for lorries.
  2. Speed limits for vehicles within residential houses is 10km/h and school areas is 5km/h
  3. This speed limit can be seen on warning signs displayed on these roads.
  4. Drivers/operators are also to obey all traffic laws applicable in Nigeria, including wearing seat belts whether or not they are on public or private Okomu roads.
  5. In addition, the speed limiter which is fitted according to Nigerian law on vehicles is set at this speed(between 40km/h to 90km/h) to comply with these standard regulations.
  6. Drivers/operators are not permitted to tamper with, disconnect/connect the speed limiters at any time at the risk of a serious sanction or even termination/removal from the company and/or charges for any damages incurred.
  7. Only the Workshop Manager is permitted to alter the speed of the speed limiter. Consequently, drivers/operators should contact their direct superior authority for permission in this regard.
  8. Any person captured on satellite camera over speeding will face serious sanction by Management.
  9. All drivers/operators shall have valid driver’s licenses.
  10. All drivers/operators shall sign off that they have read and understood OOPC Vehicle SOP and all applicable rules pertaining to driving OOPC vehicles as contained in the Vehicle SOP.