The Company's current recruitment policy is performed on a competitive interview and equal opportunity basis, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion solely on merit, relevant qualifications and/or experience in collaboration with, or on behalf of OOPC, through certified labour brokers.
  2. SCOPE
    This policy is applicable to certified labour brokers for all recruitment processes on behalf of OOPC where the company requires the services of any person on a secondment basis. Where independent contractors and/or third parties require the recruitment of labour or staff, either directly or indirectly through labour brokers, then the contents of this policy are also applicable to them

    OOPC shall endeavor to give the first right of employment to candidates within its neighboring communities, especially where one candidate is not from a neighboring community and the other candidate is, and where both candidates are equally qualified in all aspects for that vacancy. OOPC vacancy/vacancies will be placed on the community notice board and the community will provide OOPC with what they deem to be suitably qualified candidates for these vacancy/vacancies. In the event that the communities cannot provide suitable candidates that suit the existing vacancy, OOPC will then follow the procedure as stated in the Recruitment SOP (ADM-SOP-12).

    Direct Employment: This is no longer an option in OOPC, but current employees who are employed as a staff of the company on this basis, are, as per their terms and conditions of employment, which includes confirmation after probation until the employment relationship is severed through resignation, retirement, redundancy, termination, dismissal or death fall under this category.
    Seconded Employees: OOPC currently utilizes the services of Federal Government Ministry of Labour certified brokers to source an employee or a group of employees on behalf of OOPC under similar terms and conditions, to those stated in Clause 1.0 herein, and whom are, once chosen, then assigned to work for OOPC under similar terms and conditions to those employees denoted in Clause 3.0 (i). On expiry of the secondment term, for any of the reasons stated in Clause 3.0 (i) herein above, the employee (the 'secondee') will then return to their original employer (the 'Broker')
  4. Temporary staff: A person is designated a temporary staff when he /she is employed on a short-term basis, such as NYSC and Industrial Attachment (a maximum of 12 months at any given time). The company's terms and conditions of service are not applicable to temporary staff.


  • Provision of a Nigerian National Identity card is compulsory.
  • For any employment to be carried out there must be an evidence to show that the minimum age requirement is met.
  • Medical fitness certificate must be conducted.
  • No payment of any form of recruitment fee.