OOPC is committed to the safety of the workforce by providing applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for free to its workers and third party contract workers.


The policy is designed to ensure effective usage and preservations of the free PPE. The duration of PPE will be determined by the durability of such PPE and unintended damaged PPE can be replaced at the order of the head of department.


All workers are obliged to carefully look after the PPE provided and wholly, effectively, efficiently and necessarily used for the company's operations and for the protection of the worker.

  • PPE is Personal Protective Equipment, useable in workplace to save workers from any related hazard.
  • Authorization Paper is the store requisition voucher (SIV) having the unit T-Code of the intended user.
  • HOD is the "Head of Department" or someone acting; in control of the departmental budget. New PPE Allocation Form is designed to guild against misuse of freely allocated PPE. This form is a controlled document. Scrapped PPE" are PPE that cannot be re-issued or used by any other Worker. "HSE" is Health, Safety and Environment international standard
  • All workers are expected to put on PPE where and when applicable
  • As the need for PPE arises, a worker or the headperson goes to the store with the authorization paper from the HOD.
  • At the store, New PPE Allocation Form will be filled for individual collection. Blank forms will be collected for bulk issues as in 5.4 below.
  • Where a headperson or Secretary collect a number of PPEs to be distributed to workers in its unit, New PPE Allocation Forms will be given to the beneficiary and fill at the point of distribution.
  • When PPE is to be replaced, the former (old) one must be returned to store. However, if the old one is still needed for alternate use by the worker, it must be so authorized by the HOD with written note to the store and indicated in the New PPE Allocation Form
  • In the case of 5.4 above, the retrieved PPE should be returned to the store with the related New PPE Allocation Form
  • Any disengaged worker is expected to drop their PPE with HOD or Storekeeper
  • Returned PPE can be re-issued to other needy worker after being properly purified
  • All scrapped PPE will be disposed according to HSE recommended process.