Okomu Oil Palm Company (OOPC) is concerned with the identification of every individual present in the plantation whether Staff, Contractor or Visitor. ID card/PASS in OOPC is used to identify/recognize the department of an individual present in the plantation.


This policy is applicable to all persons present in the plantation, and ID cards must be visible at ALL times.


ID cards:Badge displaying the carrier’s name, address, passport photo, staff number and colour code to indicate the department of the carrier.

Visitor's Pass:Badge indicating a visitor and colour code of the department they will be visiting.

HOD:Head of Department, Manager, Controller or most senior administrative personnel of a particular department.

  • Employees of OOPC or its contractors/contract workers are eligible for an ID card to enable free access within their designated area of the plantation.
  • IT (industrial training) students/temporary staff are eligible for ID cards as authorized by the Head of Department or HSE (health safety and environment) Manager for free access within their designated area of the plantation.
  • Persons visiting any department of OOPC are eligible, for the duration of stay; a VISITOR’S PASS for free access to the designated department only.
5.1 Request/issuing of ID Card
  • Staff (or staff family) requesting for an ID card must use OOPC/Form 1.77 from HR or HOD;
  • Staff (or staff family) requesting for an ID card must use OOPC/Form 1.77 from HR or HOD;
  • Contractors are to request in writing through the HOD where they (contractors) work for issuance of ID card using form OOPC/Form 1.57. The contractor must verify if the worker has a National Identify number and the age of the proposed ID card holder prior to request;
  • All requests will contain the Full Name, Address and Passport photo of the staff member, contractor (or contractors’ worker) requesting for it.
  • HOD will sign and approve the request and forward to the HSE department for processing;
  • HSE department will receive the request indicating date of receipt and will take a maximum of one (1) week from the date of receipt to process the ID cards, except otherwise which will be communicated to the requesting department. ID cards will take longer time frames to process during year-year changeover periods;
  • Cost for contract ID card is fixed at N100 (subject to review annually) and communicated to all HODs and contractors.
  • On completion, ID cards will be sent to the requesting department and a memo sent to Finance department for deduction of the amount according to the quantity of the ID cards made per contractor;
  • Contractors are to collect their ID cards from the requesting department while staff collects theirs at the HSE office;
  • The amount will be deducted from the contractor’s current pay;
  • ID cards, damaged as a result of fair wear and tear, will be replaced free of charge, whilst those lost or damaged due to negligence will be charged to the holder concerned;
  • Misplaced/lost ID cards should be reported to the HSE department immediately, along with a copy of a Police extract or a sworn affidavit before the ID card can be replaced;
  • Contractors ID cards will be renewed annually;
  • No entry in any of OOPC’s worksites with an expired ID card will be permitted at any time.
5.2 Use of ID Card
  • ID cards must be worn and made visible at all times.
  • Security must check with HSE to confirm outstanding IDs before going on patrol ID checks.