The prime purpose of this policy is to ensure maximum fire prevention within OOPC concessions and around its border lines.


The policy is applicable to all OOPC concessions, including those subsidiaries and third party suppliers.


3.1 Dry Season-Period at the time of the year with little or no amount of rain fall.

3.2 TOC-Tactical Operation Centre

  • OOPC has taken on an active role in mitigating the occurrence of haze in the region, through the implementation of our No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation Policy.
  • This policy is supplemented with community education and awareness campaigns, as well as multi-stakeholder partnership to entrench sustainable practices throughout the industry. NO DEFORESTATION
  • One of the key tenets of the No Deforestation pillar is a strict No Burning Policy.
  • We do not tolerate the use of fire in land preparation or development.
  • Mechanical methods are employed in land development and wood debris is left to decompose. This returns nutrients back into the land and reduces the need for inorganic fertilisers, thereby also reducing the greenhouse gas footprint. ACTIVE FIRE MONITORING AND RAPID RESPONSE
  • TOC is notified of any sign/fire sighted within OOPC concession and boundary areas through the emergency number.
  • OOPC has a 24/7 fire monitoring system in place during dry season to alert us of fires in and around our concessions.
  • OOPC has a well-established fire prevention and suppression programme to minimise the incident and impact of fire and haze.
  • All OOPC concession is equipped with fire-fighting infrastructure and equipment, and staffed with an on-site fire brigade.
  • Fire service personnel are trained to be vigilant and prepare to respond to fire incidences quickly and decisively.
  • Regular meetings are conducted with neighbouring communities to inform and educate on fire prevention techniques.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in various locations within OOPC concession.
  • OOPC staff members are educated on the use of fire extinguisher annually.
  • Regular audit is conducted with State Fire Service for proper inspection of fire fighting equipment.
  • HSE Manager is responsible for managing the fire brigade and this policy.