Code of Ethics Policy


Doing business with Okomu is easy if you are willing and capable of complying with our basic policies that brings dignity to work and enhances/protect our integrity.

One of such policies is the code of conduct. Find policy statement below.

    The Okomu Oil Palm Company (OOPC) is committed to demonstrating the highest level of regard for business ethics, environmental practices, and full compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to them.
  2. SCOPE
    This policy is applicable to all stakeholders doing business with, or who are on the premises of OOPC at any time.
    CODE OF ETHICS: a written set of guidelines issued by an organization to its staff, management and stakeholders to help them conduct their actions in accordance with its primary values and ethical standards.
    OOPC is committed to:
    • Complying with all international and national legislation, regulations, and OOPC's own policies in conducting its business.
    • Timely, accurate and truthful disclosure of reports and documents filed with or submitted to regulators, and in other public communications made by OOPC.
    • Using its funds and assets for lawful corporate purposes only, and to maintain OOPC's financial integrity.
    • Prohibiting all forms of bribery and corruption among all parties working for or on behalf of OOPC.
    • OOPC complies with the United Nations Convention against Corruption, Article 12, which prevents corruption involving the private sector.
    • Prohibiting the employment of all forms of involuntary or underage labour in the production of goods and services.
    • Fair and appropriate disciplinary practices and recognition of the entitlement of all individuals to be treated equitably with dignity and respect.
    • Advocate the right of its employees' to freedom of association and to maintain a workplace free from discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation and harassment, whilst embracing diversity and respecting the personal dignity, rights and privacy of every employee.
    • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and managers and encourage adherence to environmental, safety and health rules (as per OOPC Environmental and Safety Aspect procedure GP08).
    • Protect its assets and ensure their efficient use by all persons working for or on behalf of OOPC.
    • Discourage its employees from participating in any decision in which they may be unable to maintain professional objectivity due to conflicts of interest.
    • Engage only in fair and open competition, by treating competitors, suppliers, customers, and colleagues with integrity.
    • Encourage its employees to maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them, except when disclosure is authorized by the Managing Director (MD) or required by laws or regulations.
    • Corporate/promotional gifts and hospitality on acceptance by staff & management valued N20 000 and above must be declared through the HOD/MD.
    • OOPC do not make political contributions of any form whilst carrying out its business operations with individuals, government agencies, NGOs, etc.
    • OOPC will give charitable donations and sponsorships in line with its procedure GP35 corporate social responsibility
    • OOPC do not comply any form of unethical conduct such as charging fees to workers, recovering cost of recruitment and transportation against workers' wages, receiving gifts and commissions from labour intermediaries or suppliers.
    • Communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of OOPC (as per OOPC communication procedure GP10) and enforce its strict compliance.

The HSE Manager shall implement, monitor and document the provisions of this code.

The Managing Director confirms the commitment and support, along with that of all stakeholders, employees and those working on behalf of the Company, to the above policy statement and the effective application and continual compliance with this code of ethics.