Career Path

The Company places a high premium on her human capital which she describes as her greatest assets. In line with this thinking, concerted and consisted efforts are made to assist our employees in developing their career path through human resource audits, training and development and retention plans.

It is instructive to state that our training policy is underscored by the no "one left behind agenda". In this wise, all our employees no matter the job they perform, are sent on training, not only to improve their efficiency on the job, but also to develop themselves and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Some of the training includes:

  • Career and Life Planning
  • Crisis management
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Numerical competency for artisans and lots more

Long service award

The long service award programme is designed to reward employees who have put in specific years of service to the Company. Items given to recipients of this award include, generators, refrigerators, television sets, household furniture (consisting of king and queen sized beds), a set of settees, dining sets. Each award is accompanied with a cash amount depending on his or her grade.